Nyi Roro Kidul

Nyi Roro Kidul

Nyi Roro Kidul

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Kadita. Because of her beauty she was called Dewi Srengenge which mean The beautiful sun. Her father was King Munding Wangi. Although he had a beautiful daughter he always unhappy because he always expected to have a son. The King decided to merry Dewi Mutiara, and he had a son from her. He was very happy. Dewi Mutiara wanted her son to become a king in the future so she must make sure for it. Dewi mutiara came to the king and asked him to send away his daughter. Of course, the king did not agree. "It is ridiculous, I will not allow any body doing such cruel thing to my daughter", said King Munding Wangi. When she heard the answer, Dewi mutiara smiled and said a sweet thing until the king has not anger anymore. However, she kept her bad intention deep in her heart.

In the morning before the sun raised, Dewi Mutiara sent her maid to call a black magician. She wanted the black magician to curse Kadita, her step daughter. " I want her beautiful body full with scabies and itch. If you succeeded I will reward you with the present you never thought before". The black magician did the queen order, in the night Kadita body has been full with scabies and itch. When She waked up , she found her body was smell stinky and have a ulcer all over her body. The beautiful princess cried and did not know what to do. 

When The King heard he was very sad, he invited many physician to cure her daughter illness. Day by the day nobody could cure her daughter. He realized that her daughter illness it was not a ordinary illness someone must send a curse or magic spell. His problem became more difficult when the Queen Dewi Mutiara forced him to send away her daughter. "Your daughter will bring a bad luck to whole country, said Dewi Mutiara. The king did not want her daughter become a bad rumour in whole country. Finally he must agree to send her only daughter to leave the country.
The poor princess went alone, she didn't know to where she should go. She almost could not cry anymore. She had a nobble heart. She did not have any bad feeling with her step mother, instead she always asked the God to accompany her passed her suffer.
Almost seven day and seven night she has walked until she came to south ocean. She looked at the ocean. It was so clean and clear, unlike other ocean which have a blue or green colour. She jumped onto the water and swim. Suddenly when the south ocean water touched her skin there was a miracle happened. Her ulcer has gone and there was no sign that she has ever had a scabies or itch. Even more she became more beautiful than before. Not only that she has a power to command whole of the south ocean. Now she became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or The Queen of South Ocean who lived forever.
This is the most spectacular legend until now in the modern life even when you read this story, many people from Indonesia or from other country has admitted that they have met the beautiful fairy queen wear a traditional dress of Java. One of the famous beach hotel has made a suit room specially for her.
Malin kundang

Malin kundang

Malin kundang

A long long time ago in west Sumatra, Indonesia there was a fisherman and his wife who lived in a village by the sea.   They had only one son.  His name was Malin Kundang.  They lived a simple life because as a fisherman the husband did not earn much money.  Life got harder for Malin and his mother when his father did not return from the sea.  Perhaps a storm had swollen his boat or maybe a big fish attacked him.  Day by day  passed and they kept waiting for him.  But Malin’s father never returned.  So little Malin had to help her mother sold cookies in a local market.

One day there was a big ship came to the beach of their village.  It was a merchant ship.  Everybody came to see it including Malin.  He was very impressed by what he saw.  Hoping to change his life he applied for a job and he was lucky.  He was recruited by the ship owner.  Then Malin left his mother and his village.

Many years gone by without any news from Malin.  Malin’s mother missed him so much.  Everyday she looked at the sea, hoping to see Malin came home.  She always prayed to God that Malin become a successful merchant.  Then God heard her pray.

On a beautiful day there was a big ship came to the beach.  Many people came there to see it.  Malin’s mother was expectant.  She was sure that it was Malin’s ship.  So she hurriedly came to the beach.  When she was there she asked someone that she wanted to see the owner of the ship.  Then a lovely lady met her.  She wore a luxurious dress and jewellry.  She was Malin’s wife.

‘Is Malin Kundang here?’

“Do you know Malin?”

‘Yes, of course I know him,  he’s my son!’

‘But Malin told me he had no mother.  She passed away a long time ago’.

Malin’s mother was very surprised to hear her answer.  Then Malin came.  Her wife asked him.
‘This poor woman said that you are his son’

Malin Kundang who had became a rich merchant and had a wife from a rich family was ashame with his mother who looked poor.  He denied his humble background.  So when her mother hugged him he repelled her.

‘Malin, my son, I miss you so much’.
‘Who are you? I am not your son’.

Malin’s mother was was crying.  She was really irritated.  Her heart was deeply hurt.  Then she prayed to God.  And she cursed Malin.

Suddenly there was a storm.  The sea was raging.  Big wave came and Malin’s ship was rushed ashore and destroyed.  And Malin suddenly changed into a stone statue.  Today people can see Malin’s statue in Teluk Bayur beach in west Sumatra.  When there is a storm or rain people often hear someone’s crying.  They believe it is Malin’s cry.

Keong mas

Keong mas

Keong mas

Once upon a time, there was a couple living in a palace. They were Prince Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran. Prince Raden Putra's father was the king of the kingdom.

One day, Dewi Limaran was walking around in the palace garden. Suddenly she saw a snail. It was ugly and disgusting.
"Yuck!" said Dewi Limaran and then she threw it away into a river.
She did not know that the snail was actually an old and powerful witch. She could transform herself into anything. The witch was angry to Dewi Limaran. The witch put a spell on her and changed her into a golden snail. The witch then threw it away into the river.
The golden snail was drifting away in the river and got caught into a net. An old woman was fishing and used her net to catch some fish. She was surprised to see a golden snail in her net. She took it and brought it home. When the old woman woke up in the morning, she was surprised that the house was in the good condition. 
The floor was mopped. And she also had food on the table. She was thinking very hard.
"Who did this to me? The person is very kind." It happened again and again every morning.
The old woman was very curious. One night she decided to stay up late. She was peeping from her room to know who cooked for her. Then, she could not believe what she saw. The golden snail she caught in the river turned into a beautiful woman. The old woman approached her.

"Who are you, young girl?"
"I am Dewi Limaran, Ma'am. A witch cursed me. I can change back as a human only at night," explained Dewi Limaran.
"The spell can be broken if I hear the melody from the holy gamelan," continued Dewi Limaran.

The old woman then rushed to the palace. She talked to Prince Raden Putra about her wife.

Prince Raden Putra was so happy. He had been looking for his wife everywhere.
He then prayed and meditated. He asked the gods to give him the holy gamelan. He wanted to break the witch's spell. After several days praying and meditating, finally gods granted his wish. He immediately brought the holy gamelan to the old woman's house. He played it beautifully. And then amazingly the golden snail turned into the beautiful Dewi Limaran.

The couple was so happy that they could be together again. They also thanked the old woman for her kindness. As a return, they asked her to stay in the palace.
Lutung Kasarung dan Seorang Putri

Lutung Kasarung dan Seorang Putri

Lutung Kasarung dan Seorang Putri

long time ago in west Java there was a kingdom.  The king was Prabu Tapak Agung.  He had two beautiful daughters and no son.  Purba Rarang was his first daughter, and Purba Sari was his second daughter.  When the king was about to pass away he gave the throne to his second daughter, Purba Sari. Purba Rarang was very disappointed.  She thought that she deserve to replace her father as the ruler.  She discussed the situation with her fiancé, Indrajaya.

Then she got an evil idea.  She asked a witch to cast a spell to Purba Sari.  Soon after that Purba Sari had a strange skin disease.  There were black dots on her skin.  She also had skin rash.  Consequently Purba Rarang had a reason to tell people that her sister had a great sin and she was cursed by god.  She told her people that such a person did not qualify to be a leader.

After that she ordered the army to send Purba Sari to a wood and had her exiled there.  The army then built a wooden house for Purba Sari in a wood.  So Purba Sari lived in the wood.  As there were many animals in the wood she got along with them well.

Her best friend was a black monkey.  She called the monkey Lutung Kasarung.  Lutung was very attentive and very kind to her.  He gave fruits and vegetables to Purba Sari.

Lutung Kasarung was not an ordinary monkey.  He often meditates like human being.  One night when there was a full moon he sat meditating.  He was praying to God. Suddenly a spring emerged beside Lutung. It became bigger and bigger and finally it became a lake.  The water was very clear and aromatic.

The next day Lutung came to see Purba Sari.  He asked her to follow him.  Lutung took her to the lake and asked her to take a bath.  When Purba Sari took bath in the lake something strange happened.  Her skin disease was gone and her smooth fair skin was back.  Purba Sari was very happy and thankful to God. 

Meanwhile Purba Rarang who lived in the palace wanted to see her sister.  So she went to the wood with her soldiers.  She was very surprised when she saw Purba Sari was in good condition and looked beautiful.  Her evil heart led her to find a way to beat her sister. Then she asked her sister to measure the length of their hair.  The one who had the longest hair would win.  Purba Sari’s hair proved to be longer than Purba Rarang’s.

Purba Rarang was very jealous to her sister.  She thought hard to find a way to beat Purba Sari.  Then she got another idea.  She asked her sister to compare their fiancé.  Purba Rarang was sure that she would win because Indra Jaya was very handsome.  She was sure that Purba Sari did not have any fiancé.  When Purba Rarang showed Indra Jaya, Purba Sari was confused.  So she just appointed Lutung Kasarung as her fiancé.

ba Rarang laughed out loud.

‘So your fiancé is a monkey?’

Lutung Kasarung then sat on the ground.  He was meditating and praying to God. Then amazingly he changed into a very handsome man.  Initially Lutung Kasarung was a handsome man who was punished by God and became a monkey.  After some years that day he got clemency from God and he became human being again.

Purba Rarang was very surprised.  He had no choice but to accept that her sister was better than her.  She asked for apology.  Purba Sari gave her apology.  After that they went back to palace.  Purba Sari became the queen and married to Lutung Kasarung.
Tangkuban Parahu

Tangkuban Parahu

Tangkuban Parahu
Long time ago in West Java, there lived a woman named Dayang Sumbi. She was thirsting for a husband. Along her life she kept praying and praying. At last, God heard her pray. A male dog picked her up and Dayang Sumbi got married to the dog and called the dog ‘Tumang’. After years, Dayang Sumbi gave a birth to baby and named him Sangkuriang. Unfortunately, Dayang Sumbi never told Sangkuriang who his father was.
          One day, Sangkuriang was hunting with Tumang in the forest and he found nothing except a little animal. He blamed Tumang for the failure and then he killed Tumang. When Dayang Sumbi knew that she hit Sangkuriang’s head with a big spoon and expelled him.
Many years later, Sangkuriang wandered and found an old house in the forest. Sangkuriang came closer to the house and there was an old beautiful woman. The woman, Dayang Sumbi, recognized the wanderer as Sangkuriang.
          Unintentionally, Sangkuriang forced Dayang Sumbi to marry him. Dayang Sumbi agreed to marry him but Sangkuriang had to build a vast boat, just in one night.
          At night, Sangkuriang called his friends, ghosts and fairies to help him. Feared with the boat to complete, Dayang Sumbi asked other women in her village to help her. Then the women punched the grains with grain puncher to make noise which disturbed the ghosts and fairies.
The morning came before Sangkuriang completed the boat. Unfortunately the fairies and the ghosts also left Sangkuriang alone. Finaly Sangkuriang got very angry and kicked away the boat to the downside, which finally turned into a mountain, called Tangkuban Parahu

Jaring jaring kubus dan balok "Lengkap"

Ada banyak jaring jaring kubus yaitu sebagi berikut liat aja nih...

Nb : Kalo yang balok tinggal panjangin aja salah satu sisinya ntar juga jadi kok

Cara menonaktifkan ( fungsi ) Deep Freeze

Cara menonaktifkan ( fungsi ) Deep Freeze

Nah....ketemu lagi :)
     Sebelum saya tahu cara meNONaktifkan Deep Freeze Komputer saya diulang - ulang mulu berhubung saya masih siswa 2 smp yg belom tahu apa-apa tentang deep freeze. Saya frustasi karena mau nginstal apa apa keulang mulu....Tapi saya terus mencari jalan keluarnya sendiri..(dari pada nyusahin Ortu)..
Dah...Akh malah jadi curhat langsung aja ke KTP eh TKP =>

Cara menon aktifkan deep freeze mudah kok tinggal pencet :
1. CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F6.
2. ntar ada kotak dialog.(liat gambar)
3. masukkan Pasword yg pertama nginstal
4. Pilih Boot Thawed
5. Restart komputer

dah selesai dah....

NB :Dan jika ingin mengdelet deep freeze, kita harus meng non aktifkan dulu deepfreezenya..!!!
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